Termobuild EOOD performs laying of faience, terracotta and granite tiles; cutting, laying and gluing of natural and artificial stone. The following types of lying are offered – style parquet, fish bone, small-sized, etc.




We perform installation of:

  • Plinth wall – factory type and cut by us
  • Frieze and frieze tile
  • Revisions of PVC covers
  • Stars up and above1,50 m
  • Cladding of WC drain with tiles
  • Doors and windows conversion
  • Façade plinth wall, cladding
  • Building-in of a mirror in tiles
  • Window sill, window sill with front, balcony sill
  • Conversion of double and triangular cross-beams with tiles
  • Building of a shower enclosure
  • Built plot sink, stands in laundries, etc.
  • Building and laying of tiles on door-sill
  • Processing of holes in recessed light
  • Accessories for bathrooms, WC and laundry rooms


You can contact us for a free inspection and quotation:
Mobile: +359 899 876 699
e-mail: termobild@gmail.com