• Technical maintenance of buildings

Maintaining good technical condition of buildings is related to a number of actions: from the daily cleaning of condominium parts in a building and the surrounding area to planned construction and repair works.

Our main priority is to maintain and bring to good technical condition the buildings we manage. You can rely on Termobuild EOOD for any type of technical maintenance for residential buildings and complexes, business buildings and offices. We offer our clients the following activities:

  • Construction and assembly activities – refreshments, cladding and roofing works, finishing works, excavation works, major repairs, etc.;
  • Closing and partitioning equipment – closing mechanisms, interior and armoured doors, joinery, windows, gates, barriers, etc.; metal processing and assembly works, welding;
  • Construction, periodic inspections and regular maintenance of building plumbing, electrical, heat and any other installations;
  • Cleaning of under-roof and roof areas, gutters, etc.;
  • Maintenance of basements, underground parking lots, substations and their adjacent facilities;
  • Maintenance of low-voltage installations (video surveillance, access control, bell and intercom installations, etc.);
  • Maintenance of outdoor installations – swimming pools and fountains, irrigation systems, etc.;
  • Prompt response and timely proposal for resolving issues by our team in the event of emergency and urgent situations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Maintenance of buildings

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