Professional cleaning services

Subscription cleaning services, one-time cleaning and after-repair cleaning include the following activities:

  • Wet cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces
  • Sweeping of floor coverings
  • Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and other type of machine cleaning of floorings
  • Cleaning and disinfection of sanitary facilities
  • Exterior dusting of furniture, household appliance, etc.
  • Cobweb cleaning
  • Cleaning shutters, railings and doors
  • Waste disposal and replacement of garbage bags

Additional services to the above:

  • Washing of windows – from one side and two sides
  • Cleaning of case furniture and electrical appliances inside
  • Washing of safe flooring
  • Washing of upholstered furniture – damask
  • Manual cleaning of upholstered furniture – leather
  • Cleaning of joinery
  • Cleaning of blinds
  • Cleaning of mattresses


  • Cleaning of hard flooring, including all adjoining areas of the building – sidewalks, alleys, paths and playgrounds
  • Cleaning of internal areas for the building condominiums including floor and floor platforms, staircases, corridors, lifts, etc.
  • Dust cleaning and polishing of plinth walls, railings, doors and frames, joinery, as well as other condominiums
  • Cleaning of condominiums in underground parking lots and garages
  • External washing of openable and non-openable facade and/or staircase, floor and between floor windows and partition doors
  • Cleaning of hard flooring during the winter season, including all adjoining areas to the building: sidewalks, alleys, paths, playgrounds, parking lots, etc.
  • Maintenance and watering of green areas adjacent to the property, including all adjoining territories to the building

Our flexible working hours and our team mobility provide maximum convenience to our clients. We will prepare an individual program for cleaning and sanitation of your property according to your needs and requirements.


Professional cleaning services

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