Professional house manager

TERMOBUILD offers you the following services that facilitate condominium management. You can assure yourself in the advantages of having a professional home manager and do not hesitate to ask us about any administrative service you may need but you do not see it listed below:

Administrative and organizational services:

  • The professional manager responsible for your building is available each working day from 9:00 a.m to 19:00 p.m..
  • In the event of emergency and urgent situations, our technical team is available 24/7.
  • Organizing, conducting and recording of General Meetings of Owners under the Condominium Ownership Management Act. Control over implementation of the decisions taken.
  • Representation of condominium to state and municipal institutions and exchanging correspondence with it.
  • Registration of Manager/Managing Board at the regional municipal registers.
  • Elaboration of Internal Regulations in conformity to the regulatory requirements.
  • Proposals for complete solutions for repairs and improvements. Collection of offers and implementing follow-ups on the project implementation and guarantee terms.

Financial services

  • Consultations, preparation and implementation of an annual budget and instalments for condominium maintenance and management in conformity to the decisions adopted at the General Meeting.
  • Collecting of due instalments according to the approved budget by convenient methods – on-site visits by cashiers, via bank transfer; in the Termobuild office.
  • Guaranteed payment on time of all condominium bills – electricity, water, heat supply, lift service and other service providers.
  • Perfect monthly reporting of all revenues and expenses by preparing detailed monthly reports and reports on all owners’ obligations. Reports and information are sent to e-mails and published in the building condominium.
  • Collection of previous and current overdue receivables of the condominium, including by court order.

Legal services

  • Legal consultations related to Condominium Ownership Management Act, Ownership Act, Spatial Development Act, Obligations and Contracts Act and other normative acts in relation to questions related to condominium and the condominium owners.
  • Providing assistance in resolving disputes and cases between owners or issues related to the management and use of condominium /mediation services/.
  • Permission by CPDP (Commission for Personal Data Protection) for providing personal data for unknown owners in connection with condominium management.
  • Debt collection lawsuits on the condominium within the meaning of CPC (Civil Procedure Code).


Professional house manager

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