Termobuild EOOD carries out manual and machine painting of residential, public and industrial buildings with high-quality interior and exterior paints and plasters.

We carry out special coatings protecting from moulds and bacteria; special fire-resistant coatings for metal, wood and concrete; waterproof paints and plasters for external and internal use. Depending on the type of the site, method of operation, access and climatic conditions, paints are applied mechanically or manually in accordance with the technological process for applying the different types of paints, plasters and protective coatings.

We offer complete solutions for protection and decoration – from preparation of the base, preparation of primary coat or protective coatings to finishing decorative coatings, including all kinds of foundations of a given object – walls, railings, plinths, etc. We are working on the ground and use scaffolding and alpine methods.

You can contact us for a free inspection and quotation:
Mobile: +359 899 876 699
e-mail: termobild@gmail.com