Thermal insulation is one of the most important systems in home construction. This is a type of multi-component system that can reduce heat loss and improve comfort in the dwelling significantly.

The system may consist of different materials which contribute to the construction of a particular type of insulation. Thermal insulation can be placed both on the outside and inside of your home. It is installed in key locations: facade, floor and roof.

Външни топлоизолации


Installing thermal insulation is an excellent solution. During the cold months, it will raise the temperature in your home by limiting the outdoor temperature and during the warmer months it will limit the high outdoor temperatures thus being cooler in your home.

Termobuild EOOD is a company with tradition in installation of external and internal thermal insulation. According to your needs and requirements, we will offer you the most suitable option for thermal insulation system and the way it will be installed /using scaffolding or alpine method/. 


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